Hi! Welcome to my own little space on the interwebs where everything is connected and all our minds will be uploaded to… Eventually… If you are into that sort of future. I guess I am. And AC said, ‘Let there be light!’

I can be very matter-of-factly if need be, so here are some things that apply to me and in many ways define me:

  • thirty-something
  • married life
  • mother of 3 girls (S., E. & D.)
  • musicologist

And these are the things that also fuel me:

  • film scores
  • science-fiction
  • knitting
  • chocolate, LOTS of chocolate, like I mean, I will love you forever if you bring me chocolate. (There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate. –C. Dickens)
  • coffee: black

I am West-Flemish (Belgium) but live in Tokyo and my name is pronounced /’yelləkə/, nothing jelly-related really…

Photos are C.’s or mine. Stock photos are usually from Unsplash unless otherwise stated. I realise that because I’m not a native speaker, my English can be odd or wrong, for which I apologise and would like to be corrected on, so feedback is always appreciated.