First Photoshoot

Two friends recently got married and asked me to take some photos to memorialise a life-changing event as important as this. Having never done an actual photoshoot before, it stands to reason I was rather nervous. When I shoot for my Photo a Day project, I reshoot or try to make sure I have enough material to work with or at least be able to put up something presentable if the opportunity does not really present itself.

This time though, it had to be spot on in just one go. I considered it a first try-out to see if I could maybe pursue a more professional attitude towards photography. However, for someone as fastidious and meticulous as me when it comes to my own work, it takes more than a few people praising the outcome.

I am absolutely aware that I am too fond of the nifty fifty, the use of which is one of my own imposed prerequisites for my Photo a Day 2018. It makes me look at objects and people differently. It makes me look at the world differently. For this occasion though, I mostly shot with a 55-250mm. I hardly ever used this lens before and I was very worried I was not going to be able to get the shots I wanted. Or better, the shots they wanted.

After the first walk around the park with the 55-250mm, I asked my friends if they would be fine with another round using my 50mm. Much to my surprise, I prefer the shots of the former. And as the beginner that I am, I am quite happy with the results. So are my friends, and that is the important thing.

Congratulations you two!





Author: Jelleke

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