Last… Months With the Myers

At least I can take credit for what I’ve been saying all along; I suck at keeping a blog. It’s not that I don’t have the time to be online—in this age of technology I am online 24/7—or don’t want to write, it’s probably because I don’t feel like formulating words into coherent sentences. When least expected, short but effective lines pop into my mind, like micro stories, but there’s always something going on at that time and I can’t jot them down. The best time for me to make up killer quotes is just before drifting off to slumberland or just before getting up. I never remember the specifics by the time I can transfer thoughts to screen. The ones I do remember are too controversial and too defining for me to feel comfortable enough to publish, so I keep them for myself for the time being.

Spring is here, so we’ve been going to the park often for hanami and picnics. Here’s proof:

S. loves riding her balancing bike, she named it Lucy. She’s been into The Sound of Music lately and is trying really hard to not use any nappies anymore. When she gets too excited about or involved in things, she does forget and accidents happen. She doesn’t want to miss out on whatever is keeping her attention at the moment.

E. is walking, almost even running already. She chatters and babbles away, tries to repeat words all the time and is very sociable, although she can get shy at the blink of an eye and sook like there’s no tomorrow.

D. can walk but still lacks that last bit of confidence needed to stay on her feet without resorting back to knee-walking. She’s starting to say a few words. We know we really shouldn’t but it’s almost impossible not to compare her with E. and so sometimes we worry a little bit about her. It’s also hard to say which one is the more headstrong child, they both seem to have their moments.

DISCLAIMER: Major sci-fi geek alert ahead. You’ve been warned.

One day, a few months ago, I happened to stumble upon a game review for Elite: Dangerous. I’m not that much of a gamer, I don’t like platform games, sports, shooter or fighting games, or anything with zombies, paranormal activities and scary abnormalities. That doesn’t leave me with a lot of choice, I know. My favorite game up until now was Grand Theft Auto V, and when I wasn’t interested in the crazy antics Trevor was up to, I would just log in to drive around in a nice car, adhering to traffic rules like a good law-abiding citizen, patiently waiting in line at a red light, admiring the architecture while listening to my favorite Los Santos Rock Radio… Mind you, I probably stole the car first, so not to worry, I did live up to GTA expectations! But now—NOW I have a new favorite!

I love everything about Elite: Dangerous! It’s really like I’m escaping everything that is going on in the world and I’m in my own little trading ship, system-hopping with the occasional mission haulage, helping to fortify systems for Edmund Mahon, whom I pledged allegiance to, basing myself in the Gateway system with the Alliance Office of Statistics in a space station called Dublin Citadel orbiting the planet Hope.

My Commander in my Lakon Type-6 trading vessel, the AOS Rachmaninoff

I sometimes imagine that if I’d be living in the distant future, I’d be a real commander. I’d be no good as a fighter pilot or gunner, even though I’m sure they’d have something to fully neutralize motion sickness, simply because I don’t believe in fighting and gunning as an option. I’d also be no good as a smuggler or a pirate because I’d be looking over my shoulder constantly and get so paranoid and stressed I’d be insufferable and hence probably be subjected to mutiny really quickly. I’d probably be doing what I’m doing in Elite now, trading and working for a cause I believe in, saving up precious gold to buy the best exploration vessel I can get my hands on and go off on a million lightyear trip to check out nebulas and scout and map entire galaxies and star systems.

Playing Elite was the perfect step towards reading some sci-fi books again (add me on Goodreads). I go through these phases where I will read a whole bunch of books in a row and then I stop for months. I’m currently reading The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi and I want to pick up American Gods again by Neil Gaiman, because the much anticipated TV series based on that book is airing soon.

My favorite short story is Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question and I’ve been falling in love with it all over again because of all this recent geekery. I remember the first time I read it—I must have still been in university—and how my mind was completely and utterly blown when I got to the last two sentences. This all-encompassing, absolutely brilliant work made an enormous impact on my life and where I was in terms of religion and my place in this world. It influenced my thinking, my being, my everything. Read it, it’ll only take 30 minutes of your time. If you find yourself equally mesmerized as I did, come and find me. We have lots to talk about!

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