Last Week With the Myers: Week 48, 49 & 50

I can’t believe 2017 is just around the corner. Even though the days seem to go terribly slow, except during nap time. E. & D. have turned 1 last Saturday, and it seems like it was only yesterday I was in Otsuka Metropolitan Hospital worrying and wondering if we could take them home soon.

Totally random Disneyland Tokyo trip on Thanksgiving Day

The end of the year brings up resolutions for the new one and this year, I’m no exception. I normally never really have them, but I feel I need to have some this time around to keep me sane. I know no one will probably read this, so I will just make a list for myself and come back to this post during the new year to check things off. For reals, k?

In 2017, I want to:

  • Finally start selling my own knitwear designs
  • Lose that last bit of pregnancy and I-don’t-have-time-to-eat-properly weight
  • Be able to run for 5km without stopping
  • Keep my blog and website up to date

I would also like to:

  • Learn more Japanese
  • Reacquaint myself with French, mais oui, bien sûr
  • Do some more design work because I enjoy it
  • Take more photos of our family and friends

And last but not least… I’ve attended all the St. Mary’s concerts over the last few weeks. Jazz Nite, the Instrumental Music Concert, the Elementary School Concert and the Choral Christmas Concert. It was amazing! I’ve forgotten how much I have loved playing in a concert band when I grew up. I’ve forgotten that music still is my passion, and I’ve realized that I really want my life to be more about it. This isn’t a resolution because the end decision is not in my hands, but hopefully I will be able to do something involving music on a more professional level. I’m not that picky. I’d write things, I’d be really happy to do piano accompaniment for just about anything because I miss playing the piano, I’d love to help out directing or conducting if the usual people are not available, I’d like to work with sections and do partial rehearsals, heck I’ll even just turn sheet music pages… I need to do something, because I kind of feel like a failure these days. Nothing I do works out well, nothing I make turns out good enough.

But enough about me and my own silly struggles, what has happened since my last post? We’ve noticed that D. likes to cuddle up to soft toys and pillows. She’s definitely the more timid and reserved child we’ve always thought her to be. She does like to play by herself and we have had to take some action regarding her dummy, which she is getting a tad too attached to. She has been very anxious and usually screams murder when we put her on the floor to make dinner or clean up or whatever I seem to constantly do, I think separation anxiety has kicked in big time. Sometimes I feel she is surgically attached to my hip.

E. on the other hand is a little trooper. She seems to be much more independent, and is very friendly. She will stare at people and wave until they notice her and then seem very pleased with herself. S. used to do that when she was about her age. She’s got 6 teeth already, 3 on the bottom and 3 in the upper jaw where they aren’t even next to each other. I’ve never seen such a weird pattern before. D. still has yet to break through her first tooth. They are starting to interact more with each other and sometimes just laugh and laugh… Or put fingers in each other’s mouths. Fun had by all!

S. is in full holiday mode. We put up the Christmas tree together and she understands there is a Sinterklaas and a Santa and the most important thing of course is that they bring presents if you are good. She put her shoe out for the Sint, as is tradition in Belgium, and he brought chocolates and cookies and a toy for everyone. He also brought tangerines, but that was strangely enough hardly noticed. On Sunday December 4, we also went to see Sinterklaas at the Belgian Embassy in Tokyo. I am strategically and diplomatically leaving out who else was there.

Sinterklaas kapoentje, gooi wat in mijn schoentje

Everyone except me has been having some kind of bug going through their system. Today, the twins are still rocking a snotty nose, and S. has a chesty cough, but C. has also been out for a few days earlier. Luckily he had two nurses who took good care of him.

This patient needs more belly-squashing, doctor!

I organized a movie night last week for C.’s colleagues so we could go see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, big Potterhead that I am. It was fun, and I want to do it again, maybe even try and have it regularly.

Last Saturday on December 10, it was E. & D.’s birthday. We put some balloons and banners up and had a small get together with friends with cake and coffee (or beer, wine and glühwein) on the weekend. They got books and clothes and some music-related toys from us. I hope when they are all old enough, they will want to play music and sing in choirs.

I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I didn’t touch any cake!
I’ll have another slice, sure…
Guys, this seems like a really interesting device of sorts…
My Daddy likes to sing and dance to Wham!’s Last Christmas

Because I am a Christmas music person, I’d also like to spread some holiday cheer and share my Jazzy Apple Music Christmas playlist, which is driving C. mad. Me, however, I find it relaxing…

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