Last Week With the Myers: Week 42, 43 & 44

I haven’t got much to report to be honest, which is why it has been a bit silent over here. We’re still trying to get out of this tiring leap time and I am very irritable. The mornings in week 41 felt quite chilly and we got S. a warm fleece robe. We had a first go at potty training, but as expected, it wasn’t too successful. She tries really hard to divert any attention away from that awful potty, even though we know she’s ready for it.

Starting to focus on tiny details while trying to master that pencil grasp.


Meanwhile the babies are being a pain getting quite adventurous.

E. learned all about speleology and wanted to try it on the couch. It didn’t end well…
D. learned all about mountain climbing and tried it out on Lego Mindstorms boxes. It also didn’t end well…

That Friday we went to a Trivia Night at St. Mary’s. And even though we kind of lost, it was fun and there was wine, pizza and popcorn, which in itself, makes everything alright in the end. I am now labeling people into four categories: people who prefer savory popcorn, people who prefer sweet popcorn, people who love any popcorn and don’t care about savoriness or sweetness, and people who don’t like popcorn at all. Guess which one I am.

Week 43 was basically a repeat of the week before, the only difference being me turning 35–thanks for all the birthday wishes!–and going ever so slightly more mental. This time no Trivia Night but a Bingo Night on Friday, which was a first for me but since I never win anything, this wasn’t any different despite having no less than 7 bingo cards in front of me.

On Sunday we went down to Kamakura to visit friends and make a trip to the beach. It was our first time going places with our own car! Even though I still don’t have my driver’s license, having a car feels liberating. I don’t know what it is with me and driving a car, but thinking about it just freaks me out for some reason. Timing never really worked out in my twenties and suddenly I’m 35, depending on others to drive me around and take me places. I drive in my dreams though, and I should add that over there, it’s like my second nature. The car and me, we’re like two peas in a pod, baby.

What is this crazy concoction you call sand?
Dig, dig, dig… digging… (Play School tune)
Fighting for wet wipes stolen by the hooded rebel.

Last week we had Fall Break and it was needed. I went out with two good friends for the night and got my first massage ever. Alert the media, I tried something new. My neck and shoulders were sore the day after, I didn’t know that could happen. C. picked me up on Thursday noon and we went out to Kappabashi to hunt for beautiful dinnerware.

After eating a chocolate ice cream and before knocking over a stack of expensive plates (caught just in time).

We wanted to take S. out to the zoo on Friday, but after having yum cha for lunch in Yokohama’s China Town, it started to rain and we went back home for ‘Star Wars and popcorn’ instead, but only after making a quick stop at IKEA. Just kidding, it’s never quick.

Let’s hope November is going to be nice to us!

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