Last Two Weeks With the Myers: Week 39 & 40

I bundled the last two weeks together because they were quite uneventful, save for having two sick children. S. came home the Wednesday before last with a fever and we kept her in all week. Of course E. caught it too and gave us a few sleepless nights, which made me miserable. The only thing Einstein and me have in common is that I too, need a lot of sleep to function and behave normally. There was hardly any time for sitting down and writing. And if there was, I was just charging myself by drinking litres of coffee and trying to focus on the task at hands: cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing, and comforting children. The usual things a housewife is supposed to do…

I gratefully welcomed the evenings after the children went to bed. C. had a lot of work to do, but he got us Netflix and while he was working away, I just went ahead and watched some series by myself. I almost finished Stranger Things because it’s all the rage and I finally got into Outlander. I didn’t see what all the fuss was about this show–I remember seeing the pilot almost two years ago–but I’ve gone halfway through the first season and whoa! Now I see it.

I frogged the sweater I knitted and started over because I just didn’t see it come together. And because it has been raining so much the last few weeks and I’m waiting for a temperature drop, I got distracted from the sweater and was thinking of hats for the children, so of course I sidetracked and am now designing a hat before I even finished the other design. Attention span of a goldfish? Let’s see how long this one lasts.

We belatedly celebrated our anniversary on the Friday before last. C. tried to surprise me, and two of our good friends came over to babysit while we went to Ivy Place in Daikanyama. It’s been the best restaurant we’ve been to since we got here. It might have been because it was so much easier without manoeuvring a double pram inside and trying to entertain children to acceptable behaviour while quickly chucking some food in our mouths, but it was really cosy, no… Het was gezellig, as we would say in Dutch. Gezellig or gezelligheid is one of those untranslatable words, like my personal favourite backpfeifengesicht (a face badly in need of a fist) and others like dépaysement (the feeling of not being in your own country, of being displaced from your origin) and komorebi (scattered light effect of the sun shining through trees).

Artwork by Marija Tiurina
Amazing artwork by Marija Tiurina

It seemed like yesterday everyone finally got over all the viruses and we went out to the park with friends, but on the way home, disaster once again struck and this time E. has another tooth breaking through, D. sounds like a zombie with her heavy breathing and I seem to be caught up in it too somewhere. Here’s for a fun-filled week!

Miss Terror with Miss Lady in tow.
Thank you Sago Mini for a fun new app this week!
Wrestling for baby wipes, as is tradition.
D. not far from walking… And komorebi!
Our Stormtrooper in Komazawa Olympic Park, where you can’t put down sun tents.

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