Last Week With the Myers: Week 37

The week went by so quick. It’s been rough, with very early mornings and a lot of trips to the babies’ bedroom during the night. E. and D. are very mobile now and it only makes us realise how poorly baby-proofed the place is, especially when they both crawl in opposite directions. We really need an IKEA-trip to get some storage space so E. doesn’t gnaw through those charging cables we have everywhere. Even though IKEA may be convenient and cheap, it brings out the worst in people and we dread going. I hardly ever leave in the same mood as when I entered.

It’s so funny to see how the babies both have got a different crawling style. When I look at them, I don’t really remember how S. first started moving about. It’s crazy how quickly you forget the things that you thought were milestones. E. is a bit of a tomboy, a hooligan as her grandfather calls her. She drags herself forward with her upper body and grabs everything she can put her hands on. She will steal toys from D. and tap her on the head with them. D. on the other hand, uses her legs and hands to crawl, but is not a tomboy. She is a precious, dainty little girl who will scream and cry at the smallest touch or scare as if someone ripped out her heart and stamped on it. Twice.

The Hooligan
They both love bread and when I give them a piece, E. will devour it and stuff it in her mouth, tearing off pieces like a ravenous carnivore. D. will grab it with both hands and suck on it while still holding on to it for dear life. E. can also switch between crawling and sitting and D. can clap her hands. I was hoping with all the sitting up, it would mean less laundry and cleaning for me, because they both still throw up after drinking and eating. But alas…

Miss Dainty
Meanwhile, S. has settled well into preschool by now. She is still such a picky eater. We often go for sushi and she just loves going and gets really excited when we tell her we’re going, but her understanding of sushi is frietjes (French fries–don’t even get me started at that name) and tamagoyaki. I’m always trying to entice her to eat kappamaki (a small cylindrical type of sushi with nori on the outside and cucumber in the center), but to no avail. She did eat some of the omelette I made this week and even though she only took a few bites, it’s a huge step that she was willing to try.

New pink helmet and lots of sunscreen!
New pink helmet and lots of sunscreen! And socks with sandals…
2016091101There was an earthquake on Thursday afternoon. It wasn’t bad or anything, but much to my embarrassment, it made me think about how unprepared we are if ever something bad happens like a Tōkai earthquake, which has been recorded since the 7th century and could be considered overdue already. We definitely need to fix this up and get a carry on bag ready to go in case of an emergence.

C. is very busy at work and he is really tired because he lets me sleep a little longer in the morning and gets up with E. when she starts babbling. There’s a reason why Soetkin is a grump in the morning. I’ve finally gotten back into knitting. I want to make my own patterns and my fiber friend J. put me on Ann Budd‘s books. I’m trying out a drop-shoulder sweater with a boat neck in twisted rib and diagonal intarsia. Hopefully I’ll have something to show soon. As for the position I am going for in St. Mary’s, I haven’t heard anything back yet…



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