Last Week With the Myers: Week 36

We’ve been in our new place for two weeks already, but only now we finally managed to get two high chairs so E. and D. can join us at the table. They love it! The house still needs a lot of sorting out and I have to make the best use of all the storage space to fit our things. It’s amazing how many clutter one collects over a short amount of time. Double that for every child. When we came here, half our allocated shipping was just baby and child goods. Accommodation in Tokyo is very confined, so getting rid of anything you are not using is a necessity. And even though it can be hard to let go of things, purging also feels liberating.

Sitting at the table like big girls.
Sitting at the table like big girls. It’s serious business for E.

S. now goes to Seta International School from Monday to Friday. She is in the Dancing Ladybugs class and even though she definitely isn’t a morning person and it’s hard to get her out of bed on most days—she’s been a good sleeper ever since she was a mere 8 weeks old, thank goodness—she usually leaves the house in a good mood after we struggled through a few bites of breakfast.

Look at this horrifying beauty!
Lionrock, a horrifying beauty!

We are in typhoon season at the moment and when Mindulle raged over Honshu last week, schools were cancelled. It gave us an extra day to empty and get rid of some moving boxes. This week, Lionrock looked scary and magnificently beautiful, but only brought a few rainy days over Tokyo. Afterwards, the sky cleared up and it didn’t feel that humid on Wednesday, so I took E. and D. in to C.’s work for lunch. I do like the weather when a low-pressure area passes over. The rain clattering on the window, the grey overcast sky darkening up the place, the rumbling of the thunder, the wind howling and rattling the shutters… The walk to St. Mary’s is so much easier than before. I think I might head in at least once a week. It is nice to have lunch together and see some grownups. I do feel like people don’t really know who I am here. I think they mostly see me as a mother, because they met me while pregnant with twins and carrying around a toddler everywhere. My clothes are usually covered in a few food or vomit stains and I probably didn’t notice them, I still carry around an extra stone from pregnancy, I look disheveled most of the time with messy hair and sleepy eyes and everything I say is predominantly baby- or child-related. I wouldn’t change SED for the world and I love them to bits and sometimes just want to bite and eat those bits, but I’d like to think I have more to offer.

D. really likes daddy’s room at work.

So when the middle and high school music teacher mentioned she could use some help in the music library, I jumped on it and sent my application to the principal. Hopefully more on that next time…

Meanwhile, E. and D. have really mastered sitting up. They are not falling over backwards anymore, unless one kicks the other. They have both been out of sorts this week too, with bad sleep patterns and a lot of whingy whining. I fruitlessly keep looking for their first teeth, hoping that’s why they are complaining all the time. They started getting on they hands and knees and rocking back and forth though. E. has also found how to move through the room commando style.

What do you mean, there’s no baby army?

On Saturday, Seta International had a Back-to-School Day where they told the parents about the routines, the curriculum and special activities. S. likes going to school, she has a few friends she likes to play with and she always talks about one girl from school in particular. It’s amazing to see her personality grow and find out about her preferences and dislikes.

She loves playing outside, so on Sunday we took her to Kinuta Park, which is only a short walk from where we live. The cicadas were still chirping or singing, and even though they creep me out when I see them, it is the pleasant sound of the Japanese summer I know. S. was so excited to go on the slides and the playground equipment, she left her ice cream on the bench. And so our main bribe has been obliterated completely…






  1. Fantastic to read all your news, Jelleke, and to see how your little beauties are growing up so quickly! Good luck with your job application. Look forward to reading the next instalment! Love to you all. Xx

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