Last Week With the Myers

Whenever I’ve started a blog over the last 10 years, I always had the best intentions and I would post at least once a week. But through the years, surprisingly, I have never been able to keep these intentions. The problem is that everything I do or write or create, is never good enough to me. When I was at university, I started dreaming of becoming a writer. I had so many ideas for music essays. And I always wanted to do my PhD in Music History. But it was a very hard subject to get a scholarship and endorsement for. I also had ideas for novels of course, which were all rooted not in music, but in the Classical Antiquity, whether is was my beloved Ancient Rome, or an enemy city like Carthage. I would start writing, sleep on it for a few nights, re-read, and thrash. That’s how it went every single time. Later on, when I still didn’t give up on my silly dream and I got dragged deep into hard science-fiction, I’d be doing some research, change stories around while still trying to give them that ancient historic feeling but in a vast sci-fi setting, and do exactly the same as I have always done. Re-read, and trash. I’d feel rather embarrassed about what I had written, whether it was in English or Dutch, and when I heard the soft flick-flicker-flick of the emptied trash bin on my desktop, I’d feel relieved. I’d have a clean slate. A fresh start. A new me. Even now, I have to refrain from deleting any of my precious seven previous posts sometimes.

But when we came back to Japan after the summer holidays, I realised that I’m throwing away an opportunity. Because there still are people who like to know what happens in our life. I have a bad relationship with Facebook. I don’t like it, it’s invading and like kittens, is trying to take over the world. But I feel I have to be present there. Because of our situation. Because I have family and friends all over the world. I feel guilty if I haven’t been on Facebook for a while, and that’s ridiculous!

This kitten may or may not be the next supreme leader of the world!

Instead of interacting at the mercy of Mark Zuckerberg, I want to make my blog the main tool of communication with the two home fronts and our friends all over the world. No one has to read it, only the people who want to. So, I intend to recap our life on a weekly basis. Because it’s not just me anymore. It’s me, Mr. C and our three monsters. It can be as mundane as going to OK Market in Yoga to get bananas and bread or it can be about a life-threatening situation with dropbears and vegemited hairdos. No wait… that’s Australia.

Seriously dangerous dropbear.
Seriously dangerous dropbear.

So without further ado, with me trying to let go of my destructive perfectionism and inspired by your text message, Sarah, from September on there will be a new section on the blog, shamelessly borrowed and named Last Week With the Myers.


  1. Jelleke

    Je schrijft prachtig, echt waar! Als controlefreak herken ik je ‘syndroom’, nothing is ever good enough! Ik probeer het los te laten want blijkt dat alleen ik er zo over denk. Bij jou vast hetzelfde!

    Dus neem je pen, iPad of laptop en schrijven maar!!

    Bedankt voor je verfrissende blik – ik kijk al uit naar het vervolg!


  2. Dag Jelleke!

    DOEN!!!! Ik vind het altijd weer heerlijk om iets te lezen wat jij geschreven hebt!
    Je schrijft echt ‘gezellig’ mooi!
    Ik verheug me al op je wekelijkse tekstje!

    Groeten, Tante Nathalie x

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