Idiot Box Watching Slippers

Our little monster is finally walking. She took her real first steps yesterday, exactly at 16 months. She is late, but she was really proficient in crawling and even more so, knee-walking. She went so fast on her knees and got around perfectly, we think maybe that was the reason she wouldn’t/didn’t want to walk until now. She’s so proud of herself and later in the afternoon, she walked the whole length of our place, back and forth, back and forth. I think my mum is right when she says that little S. wants to run before she can walk. In everything really.

One thing that amazes me is her language skills. She is being raised bilingual, because Daddy is Australian and I am Belgian. I’ve read quite a few times that children who are being raised bi- or multilingual actually are slower in their verbal skills, but she proves otherwise. She knew almost twenty words when she was only 1 year old. Now she can repeat every word we teach her and she points at pictures of specific things when prompted. She will know a word both in English and Flemish, but usually only speaks one or the other. For example, she knows ‘flower’ and ‘bloem’, but she will always address them as ‘bloem’. She knows ‘ear’ and ‘oor’, but she will always say ‘ear’. On top of that, she has her own language. I can make out repeated words and sentences, but I’ve no idea what she is saying. It is very interesting to see her pick up things and talk about them in her own language.

In other news, it’s been a while since I posted, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened. We’ve decided to move to Japan in August for a job my husband was able to take on, and it scares me. In about a month, they are coming over to pick up and ship our furniture, which means we will have almost nothing for the two months before we fly out. Luckily, we can stay at my parents place, so that S. still has some toys and a bed to sleep in. I am so not looking forward to those two months. I love our place here, I love the town we live in and I will be sad to go. Also, I have a ton of things to sort and go through, but maybe I should look at it as an opportunity to declutter. I’ve already chucked two big boxes full of clothes I either don’t wear anyway or that don’t fit me anymore.

I have also been knitting and crocheting, but I haven’t really finished anything until last week. I have a zillion projects on, but for some reason, instead of finishing, I keep casting on other things. It’s ridiculous. I did finish these slippers though. I made them in two days with Drops Baby Merino that I first got with the intention of making Camille, but I didn’t like how the colours I had chosen turned out together. I frogged it when I was on the lace section and decided to use a skein of Grey (19) and Heather (34) to make Simple Garter Stitch Slippers.


Of course as always my gauge was off because I knit too tight, so I adjusted by increasing the cast-on stitches to 48 with 4.0mm needles. I have a European size 38, so I knit 74 rows and added a slip stitch edge by slipping the last stitch purl-wise. I prefer slipping the last stitch instead of the first, it feels more natural in my way of knitting.


I decreased by knitting 10 stitches first and then do the actual decrease, and end the row with 10 stitches again. I then built down the same way as the pattern asked for and ended with 5 stitches on each outer side instead of 3 according to the pattern.


I love how they turned out. Drops Baby Merino is amazing. It is very soft and has a nice drape to it. It feels cool when my feet are warm and vice versa. They are the perfect slippers for sitting down in the couch, working on my unfinished projects and watching TV with my husband, which he sometimes calls the ‘idiot box’. We’ve just finished watching all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation. We’ve never gotten into the show while it was running, and now I am wondering why not because it has been so much fun! I love all of the characters, especially Andy and Ron. My husband is a Ron in disguise; if he could afford it, he would be him. And I’ve been accused of being a Leslie whenever she did something that I would do. ‘See? See? That’s you!’ I don’t mind…

But now, we have seen the last episode and we are at a loss of what to start watching now. We are going through Daredevil now and then and following Game of Thrones. My husband is very picky when it comes to shows and movies, so I’m not sure what to put on next… Oh! Maybe my slippers! Haha!



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