A Spacey Wacey Chevron Blanket

Last year, when I was pregnant, I picked up knitting and crocheting again. It’s what I do. I pick up a million things, but never see them through. But there is something therapeutic about sitting down at the end of the day and unwinding by working row after row after row. I wanted our little monster to have a small blanket she could take anywhere. And then I found a pretty chevron pattern by Espace Tricot.

When I first saw the word chevron used in a pattern, my mind wandered off to Stargate worlds, so of course I got all excited. Then I found out that a chevron is a V-shape that was used a lot in ancient Greece, which I should have remembered since I studied Classical Antiquity in detail at university (Shame on me!), and then suddenly, it all made perfect sense why dialers kept saying: ‘Chevron seven, locked.’ Oh… I get it. I decided to knit the pattern anyway.

I went searching for the perfect cotton yarn and I stumbled upon DMC Natura Just Cotton. My dad got me ten skeins for Christmas. Since the monster was due on December 27, I never got to it before she was born, even though she was eight days late. But when things settled down and we got into something that almost resembled somewhat of a routine, I finally cast it on. It took me a while to finish it but in the beginning of June and about five months overdue, I finally finished it!

I chose the colours that Espace Tricot suggested because I loved it just like that. Plus, I was tired and didn’t have any inspiration whatsoever. I used fingering weight instead of worsted, so the proposed 70x90cm size was reduced to about 56x80cm. I loved using DMC Natura. The cotton is so easy to knit with. It is light and has a very matte finish. The blanket doesn’t feels rigid and there is a wide range of vibrant and subtle colours available. I have to say, even though it is more expensive, DMC Natura is my favourite cotton yarn to work with.

I steam blocked the blanket by pinning it on a big towel to get the shape and size I wanted, covering it with a damp pillowcase and pushing a hot iron to it until the pillowcase was dry. Then the blanket needed another half a day to dry completely.

I used 100cm circulars with 3.0mm needles. The DMC Natura colours were N62 Cerise, N09 Gris Argent, N35 Nacar, N06 Rose Layette and N76 Bamboo. Bamboo is no longer available, but I suspect it has been replaced with N76 Lima. If you live in Belgium, you can find the yarn in Veritas, but I find the range in colours small. I buy mine through Deramores these days.

The little monster likes it too! She loves to look at the colours and pull the blanket over her. It is large enough to cover her completely and soft and thin enough not to irritate her. It is perfect for summer, when you don’t need a warm wool blanket, but one that still can do the job when the air is a little chilly. When she is older and bigger, I might make a large version because it was a fun project. You just have to keep your wits about it, because dropping and accidentally picking up extra stitches proves to be really hard to fix with a chevron pattern. You might as well just frog the whole project and start all over. I speak from experience.

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  1. I just finished the baby chevron blanket, very easy pattern and quick. On to another chevron baby blanket. Great patterns thank you for sharing.

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