Last Week With the Myers: Week 38

C. is usually really easy-going. Except when it comes to movies or TV series. He is so picky and hates anything remotely archetypal. That means… well, just about everything… We watch Game of Thrones, Homeland, The Americans and a few others, but when they aren’t running, we C. usually reverts to reruns of Star Trek, Doctor Who or Seinfeld. There’s a lot of shows I want to try, but he’s just not interested and I don’t really want to watch them by myself. We are rewatching the 2003 re-imagined version of Battlestar Galactica at the moment. I forgot how much I loved Gaius Baltar. He’s hilarious, has the best lines when it comes to religion and morality and is a contradictio in terminis as a scientific cult leader. The music in the series is written by Bear McCreary, is absolutely amazing and was the main reason why I started including TV scores in my original score playlists. Music is the only form of art that can bring me tears of joy. Music and the Nike of Samothrace. I would stand by that beauty for hours if I could.

No words needed…

We had friends over from Australia. They went around Japan for over two weeks and spent their last night with us. We went to Futako-Tamagawa for dinner and I find it peculiar that in some restaurants your order is considered to be a shared plate, so they always bring a larger serving spoon or several plates with your dish how ever small it may be. The food is served when it’s ready, which means C. might be getting his order and finish it before I get mine and which is strange when you are used to the art being to get everyone his or her food served at the same time, no matter how long it takes to cook or bake. First world problems…

It's snowing!
It’s snowing!

E. has her first tooth! The bottom right one broke through on Wednesday and it is sharp! I hope it signifies the end of troubled nights and very early mornings. No sign of teeth yet for D. Meanwhile, S. has been learning all about the weather and the seasons at school. She likes the sun and stormy weather, and loves crafting and drawing. We’ve all been bitten badly by mosquitoes, except for C. of course, and I can’t wait until those bloody vampires finally go!

Tokyu Hands: The store to shed those extra pounds.
Tokyu Hands: The store to shed those extra pounds.

I had my second night out since E. and D. were born and went on a ladies’ night with C.’s colleagues. We had pizza and wine. What more do you need? It was a lot of fun and I got back home at 3am! Me! At 3am! The next day we had to go to Tokyu Hands in Shibuya to get a hanko because we are finally looking into getting our own car and we had shabu-shabu and sukiyaki on the way there for lunch. I’m still not sure how we are doing all of this with a toddler and two babies… We spent Sunday at home hosting a pancake brunch with miserable weather passing over.

Post-apocalyptic dead Futako-Tamagawa Station
Post-apocalyptic abandoned Futako-Tamagawa Station
Which meal is complete without ice cream?
There’s always room for ice cream. — C. A. Myers

As for my application, I still haven’t heard anything back so I guess it’s time to let go. I know I shouldn’t take it personal—but who doesn’t?—it’s just that this looked like something I was born to do, and I’m sure anyone that really knows me will agree. You know what I think I would be really good at? Directing. Movies, TV, music… Or being a spy! So if anyone is looking for someone in these areas, I’m free after 7pm on work days. KTHXBYE!

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